What is Branding & Why is it important?

  • The combination of psychological and technology is what we mean when we talk about branding.
  • There are life cycles for products. On the other hand, brands outlast their goods. If you sell items, you need branding.
  • Identical qualities, trustworthiness, and years of expertise are communicated by brands.
  • Brands are precious.
  • A lot of businesses will include the worth of its branding on their statement of financial position.


There are many explanations for this phenomenon. To begin, the whole globe is now connected to the internet, and as a result, there are numerous new markets and a rapidly expanding middle class. Second, developing new brands is a challenging endeavor. Developing a fresh and engaging brand from scratch is a difficult task that calls for an intricate approach. There is a lot more to it than simply a product and a brand, which are both important aspects.

  • Smart businesses may use new methods to rise internationally quickly now that brand creation is cheaper.

Brands perform better than unbranded items in adverse economic times. In contrast to the life spans of individual products, brands endure. Yet despite the difficulties, strong brands are being established. The future is bright for companies because their owners continue to see potential. Newer brands like Tom’s Shoes, Honest Tea, etc., as well as established ones like H&M of Sweden and Tesla, a fantastic new automotive brand.

  • Brandless, undifferentiated. No distinctiveness, no long-term profit. Consumers love brands, not stuff.

Movement strategies give companies a cause. Brands can attract millions to communities. Brands can persuade. In a social media era, brands are Kremlin toys with numerous layers, concepts, and ideologies that may attract large followings. Brands can inspire individuals to change the world. Goods cannot.

Branding is crucial nowadays. Yet, building a brand nowadays is different. Your brand needs energetic growth with a cultural movement approach. That’s the limit.

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A logo is a symbol or design used to identify a brand or company.

In digital marketing, graphic design refers to the use of visual elements, such as images, typography, illustrations, and other design elements, to effectively communicate and market a brand, product, or service through digital channels such as websites, social media, email, and other online platforms.

Branding in digital marketing refers to the creation and promotion of a brand’s image and values through various digital channels, such as websites, social media, and email marketing, to establish and maintain a strong brand identity and foster customer loyalty. The goal is to create a unique, memorable and consistent experience for customers, which helps differentiate the brand from its competitors and establishes a competitive advantage.


Our Process for Branding

Brief and Research

Understanding the client’s needs, target audience, brand values, and goals for the logo and graphic design.



Narrowing down the concepts to a few preferred options and refining the chosen designs.



Finalizing the designs, choosing the appropriate color palette, typography, and other elements.



Integrating the logo and graphic elements into the client’s digital marketing materials, such as website, social media, business cards, email, etc.


Concept Development

Generating multiple initial design concepts for the logo and other graphic elements based on the research and brief.


Feedback and revisions

Obtaining feedback from the client and making any necessary revisions to both the logo and other graphic elements.



Preparing and delivering the final logo and graphic elements in various file formats for use in digital and print media.



Monitoring the success of the logo and graphic elements in achieving the marketing goals and making any necessary adjustments.


Best Brand designing services in India

Strong brands must resonate with consumers. Businesses need branding and identity design services. Brand design agencies may enhance your brand’s visual appearance. It should convey your ideals, strengths, and culture. Advertisement companies can flood channels with adverts, but viewers won’t remember you unless you leave them with something. DIGIVIEW is your branding and design agency.

DIGIVIEW, your brand design business, gives you the tools to create a distinctive brand experience. We ensure your brand identity conveys expertise, efficiency, and professionalism. As a brand identity firm, we ensure sure your company’s visuals represent its ideals and strengths. This makes DIGIVIEW India’s top brand management company.

Brand Marketing Strategy

We’ll keep your company’s name in the public eye. Brands are built via continual development and innovation in accordance with a brand strategy. Once your branding plan is in place, DIGIVIEW will make sure you have the resources you need to engage with your target audience. All of the elements that make up your brand’s identity, such as the logo, the website, and the slogans and taglines that represent it, fall under this category.

Brand planning is something that DIGIVIEW can assist you with. We handle all aspect of your business’s presence online, from content marketing and social media branding to website development and brand message. When we work with you, we increase awareness of your company worldwide and give people a reason to speak about your product or service. We keep tabs on your growth and provide advice for making adjustments as necessary to ensure that your development is not stymied in any way. Because of this, DIGIVIEW is considered to be among the best branding agencies in Gurgaon.

Best Digital Media Branding Strategy

Digital brand equity takes time and preparation. Consider the digital ecology. A digital branding approach helps us realize your vision. Our digital marketing advisors will assist you find the most cost-effective digital media. Your choices must support your goals. DIGIVIEW recognizes that a strong digital branding strategy will help your business flourish in all areas. This becomes DIGIVIEW India’s leading digital branding agency.

Digital change is continual. In this turbulent market, you need a powerful and dynamic brand image. DIGIVIEW, your digital branding agency, begins by analyzing the market and your consumers and builds your brand holistically. We have a clear, successful digital marketing approach. Our digital branding services can help your company succeed.


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Branding Roadmap

A branding roadmap typically consists of the following steps:


Frequently Asked Questions

Logo design is the process of developing a logo. Every firm requires a logo- a logo is the mark that represents for your company or brand. It is the graphical portrayal of your brand. Consequently, if you have a brand, you must develop a logo for it, which will be distinctive and express your company’s identity precisely. Logos may come in various forms- they might be your business name, a sign or symbol, an image or any other graphical style. Nonetheless, logos should be original and memorable. Your audience will link your logo with your firm, so think carefully about how you want your brand to be seen.

Designing a logo requires expertise and software. Nevertheless, specialists should develop logos. Tell the designer what you want, provide references, and inquire about possibilities. Because of copyright difficulties, you should constantly evaluate whether your logo is too similar. Make your logo simple, eye-catching, original, and representative of your company. First, establish your brand before designing a logo. Consider the audience response you desire. Consider the colors, font, style, form, and other factors that will evoke the desired feelings. Examine the logos of rivals.

To define your logo, visit a brand expert. Finally, hire a skilled designer, engage a digital marketing specialist, and turn your ideas into a logo. Contact us for Indian branding and logo design firms.

Logo design in India expenses vary depending on the designer and location. You can create for free if you are a talented designer and have the necessary tools. If you want a great logo for your business or brand, hire pros. Logo design is just half of branding. To choose the correct logo, you must know what it represents and how it will affect your target audience.

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) describes graphic design as "the art and practice of designing and presenting ideas and experiences using visual and linguistic material." This definition comes from the American Institute of Graphic Arts. To put it another way, graphic design is a visual form of communication that conveys certain concepts or messages.

How to start a career as a graphic designer:
Read up on the basics....
Get all the things you need.
Learn how to use the software.
Set up your studio at home.
Keep your things in order.
Create a portfolio. ...
Attend a class.

Maps, pictures, designs and patterns, family trees, diagrams, architectural or engineering blueprints, bar charts and pie charts, typography, schematics, line art, flowcharts, and a great deal of more image formats are all examples of graphics.

There are many steps to the logo and graphic design process. This is-

1. Knowing what the client wants (client brief)
2. Do research: check out the competition, the market, and references
3. Think about how you can show what you want to show in a design format.
4. Sketching means making rough layouts before you finish a prototype.
Lastly, when designing, use the right software.
6. Giving it to the client: Give it to the client. Why did you do what you did?
7.Feedback/approval: Your client may want some changes or approve your design.
8. Delivery: You give the design to the client with all of the necessary parts.

The following are the four most popular areas of concentration for graphic designers, out of the many various kinds of graphic design specializations that are accessible.
Design of the brand identity and logo, design of the packaging, design of the website and mobile app, design of the layout and print collateral, etc.

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